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4K - 5K

K5 Websites

Starfall Phonics


Learning Games

Fishing Mission Stacker K5 Activities
PBS Kids Reading Draw Easy
Fun School Online Coloring Jigsaw Puzzles
Hidden ABC’s Spooky Numbers What's the Order
Reading Games Learning Planet Game Goo
Art and Music Puzzles 1st grade Online Games
Make a Snowflake more Kindergarten games ABC
Letters-Numbers-Shapes-Colors Letters-Numbers-Shapes-Colors Fun for the Brain


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1st - 2nd Grade

Learning Games

PBS Kids Reading Draw Easy
Telling Time Math Magic Parrot the Word
Opposite Game Dragon's Eggs Ghost Blasters
Spell Check Match the Time Fun for the Brain!
Word match Letter matching Dungeon escape
1st grade skills 2nd grade skills Learning Planet
1st and 2nd Reading Make a Flake Fun School
Story Starter Spelling City Kids Know It!
BrainPop 2nd: ABC kids zone
CoolMath Kidz Page KnowledgeAdventure


I Love Math

Monster Numbers Dragon's Eggs CoolMath
Match the Time Ghost Blasters Math Practice
Math Magic 2nd grade math sheets Addition Facts


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3rd - 4th Grade

Keyboarding Practice

Gamequarium Keyboarding Keyboard Challenge
Spider Typing Power Typing
  Dance Mat Typing


Learning Games

Animal Games Gameaquarium Synonyms
A Thousand Sites in One Geography Draw Easy
Spelling City Make a Robot Cliffhanger
Fun School I Spy kid's games
3-4th reading/math 3rd grade ABC Gamequarium
Make a Flake Story Starter Play the Piano
Learning Planet Math Playground   Jigsaw Puzzles
4th grade ABC kids zone Take a stand!
Spelling City Quiz Hub Dance Mat Typing
States and Capitals Comic Creator Spider Typing
Kids Know It! Prongo Hidden Objects
  Color Easter Games


I Love Math

Addition Attack Pop Up Math Spacey Math
Math Magic Fun Brain Math Fun for the Brain
Math Arcade MONEY! subtraction practice
Math Tool Chest cool math multiply!


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5th - 6th Grade

Keyboarding Practice

Gamequarium Keyboarding Keyboard Challenge
Spider Typing Power Typing


Learning Games

Net Smart Kids National Geographic Games Spelling
It's My Life-PBS Mall Geography
Vocabulary Fun Comic Creator Free Rice
Civics Game Room Flag game Place the State
5th grade reading, math, other! coffee shop A Thousand Sites in One
Make a Flake cyber chase States and Capitals
Complete the pattern Learning Planet Story Starter
Quiz Hub Geography Games Comic
Our Courts Take a stand! USA jigsaw
Hidden Objects McDonalds Kids Know It!


I Love Math

Addition Attack Fraction Frenzy Pop Up Math
Fun Brain Math cool math Math Magic
Fun for the Brain multiply! Math Arcade


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7th - 8th Grade


Milwaukee Lutheran High School JS Online- Milwaukee Newspaper God's Yellow Pages
Northwest Lutheran School Concordia University School Mt Calvary Lutheran School


Keyboarding Practice

Spider Typing Keyboarding Practice Power Typing
Free Typing Lessons


Learning Games

Math Magic United States Game Pop Up Math
Math Arcade It's My Life-PBS Bible Trivia
McDonalds A Thousand Sites in One Brain Games
Mr. Picasso Absurd Math Puzzles
Frivschool Flag game Free Rice
Word Search Maker States and Capitals Crossword Creator
Civics Game Room Math Games Play the Piano
Jigsaw Puzzles coffee shop Mall
multiply! Take a stand! USA jigsaw
Math Magic States and Capitals cool math
Fun for the Brain Economics Place the State
Hidden Objects Elections Kids Know It!


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