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2020 School Re-Opening Plan

LUMIN Schools will reopen this fall, offering online school option for those who do not feel ready to be in the school building AND five days a week of in-person instruction. This page will be updated regularly to share plans and important information to help families understand and prepare for what school will look like.
Each student needs to be registered for one of the two learning options for the start of the school year. Your child(ren) will be committed to the option of your choosing until the end of the first trimester in November at which point you will have the opportunity to re-evaluate your choice. If you are interested in registering for one of these two options, call the main office at the school of your choice.
The following is an overview of how LUMIN will re-open school for the 2020-21 academic year. This framework will be used by all LUMIN Schools with small variances based on the unique features of each campus. 


LUMIN Online School: Parent Orientation


Pre-Opening Preparations

In addition to getting our buildings ready for students, we have also been preparing to launch LUMIN Online School, an exclusively online learning option for families who prefer to not have their children in the building, yet or are looking for a consistent, predictable option for learning.  Parent survey responses made it clear there is significant interest in having children attend school in the building and an equal number of parents who prefer an online option. As such, we are asking parents to decide a pathway that is best suited for their family. 


If choosing to register for LUMIN Online School, an initial family orientation will be provided at the onset of online learning. There, you will meet Virtual School staff, be able to answer questions and receive materials to make online learning successful. The initial family orientation will be conducted virtually, or in person with distancing, whichever families prefer. 


Enrolling in LUMIN Online School 

Online School will be offered in conjunction with in-person school. We understand some parents may not feel comfortable with their child(ren) being in the school building to start the school year. In collaboration with school leadership, families will be provided the option of participating in online learning. 


The online learning option will provide students with an equitable learning experience, allowing them access to online teacher-led lessons, aligned grade level work, a daily schedule with connection links and materials needed to be successful. If needed, LUMIN will loan a Chromebook to any student who is participating in online learning and provide options for WIFI services. For students in grades 1-8, students will receive instruction from a teacher and be in a virtual class with other students learning online. Families with students in grades K4-K5 will be matched with a teacher who will provide resources and live lesson opportunities weekly. The schedule, learning resources and connections will provide a grade level and developmentally appropriate experience. Students can expect the hours of the online school day to align to a typical in-person school day (8am-3pm), with some flexibility to complete work independently at a time that is most conducive for their home schedule and environment. A LUMIN Online School leader will lead the online learning experience and be available to answer questions, troubleshoot technology, coach teachers and be a resource for families. 


Expectations for learning will be the same as in-person learning, in that students submit completed work to their homeroom teacher and will receive regular and consistent feedback on learning progress. Students will be expected to engage in learning consistently, and attendance will be taken throughout the online learning experience. A note about online learning: This is not the ideal placement for students receiving additional supports during the school day including title instruction, special needs instruction or services like speech, etc. Families should work closely with school leadership to identify a learning pathway that best serves the needs of the student. 


Lastly, we are also committed to providing meals to students who enroll in LUMIN Online School. Free breakfast and lunch can be picked up from school each day for students who will be learning at home. Details and a pick up schedule will be provided. 


Family Support

The impact of the global pandemic can be felt in every aspect of our lives, causing hardship for so many people. While we are here to provide academic opportunities, it is the health and well-being of our scholars and their families that is of greatest importance. If you are facing hardship, please don’t suffer in silence. We are here to provide you with help or connect you to the resources you need. Simply reach out to your child’s teacher or principal. We also have a form on the LUMIN Schools website where you can indicate how we can support you.



The ultimate goal of this option is to return to in-person school as quickly and safely as possible. To operate this model effectively and safely, school will have to look different than what we are all accustomed to, and we will need everyone to embrace our new normal to ensure the health and safety of our entire LUMIN family. The following is a look at how we will welcome students back to the building for a safe, nurturing and rich academic experience. 

Pre-Opening Preparations
Before any of our LUMIN students walk in the door for the first day of school, preparations are being made to ensure the learning environment is disinfected and set up for social distancing. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting
Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be located throughout the building. Signs with safety precautions and hygiene instructions will be posted throughout the building. Every room will be deep cleaned before the first day of school. All schools will have a day porter/custodian on staff for continuous cleaning eight hours each day, focusing on high-touch surfaces and common areas. Proper sanitizing supplies will be available for wiping desks prior to and after meals and as the teacher deems necessary. Building interiors will be electrostatically sprayed twice per month. Cleaning of the school building will also take place after school hours.

Social Distancing
Classrooms are being set up to allow for more space between students, and protective barriers are being set up between student seats where possible. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Evidence suggests that spacing as close as 3 feet may approach the benefits of 6 feet of space, particularly if students are wearing face coverings and are asymptomatic.” LUMIN will arrange classrooms to maximize distance between students with a minimum of six feet of distance whenever possible,

In addition, LUMIN will be operating with fewer children in each classroom, which creates more opportunities to create distance between students. Roughly half of LUMIN’s students have registered for online school, meaning class sizes for in-person school have been cut in half. Students registered for online school are committed to this option for a minimum of one trimester.

Staff Training
All LUMIN staff will receive health and safety training prior to the start of school. This training will:
  • Educate staff about COVID-19
  • Prepare staff to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 in themselves and others
  • Help staff understand when they should stay home due to illness
  • Teach staff about the daily cleaning protocols they will need to carry out
  • Make teachers aware of the proper way to wear face coverings as well as Wisconsin’s face covering mandate and how to enforce it
  • Teach the processes for handling a sick child within the classroom
  • Outline LUMIN’s communications policies if/when students or staff become sick
  • Show staff best practices for setting up a classroom for maximum distancing between students
  • Review hallway transitions and bathroom use protocols to ensure proper distancing within cohorts and no contact with other cohorts.
  • Prepare staff to transition to online school if a classroom or entire school needs to close
  • Demonstrate necessary hand washing and sanitizing practices
Staff and Student Accommodations

The health and safety of LUMIN’s staff and students is our number one concern. Out of an abundance of caution, LUMIN is recommending its students with underlying health conditions enroll in online school. In addition, LUMIN is offering accommodations to staff with underlying health conditions to reduce the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 while at work.

Staff Self-Assessment
LUMIN’s staff will be asked to take their own temperature at home and review a list of screening questions. If they pass all screening questions and have a temperature of less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they can come to school. Once at school, staff members will report to the main office where they will take their temperature and sign a form indicating they have completed their health self-check. An infrared thermometer, hand sanitizer, disinfecting solution, and screening questions will be provided. This information will then be documented and initialed by each individual on a spreadsheet. Administration or a health and safety officer will ensure everyone has checked in daily and will turn the sheet in at the end of each week.

Student Drop-Off
Each student will be screened for signs of sickness before they enter the building. While distanced from one another, students will have their temperature taken by a staff member. Students will be asked a few screening questions (page 9). Those who give no indication of illness or close contact with a COVID-19 patient will be asked to use hand sanitizer and then permitted to enter the building with instructions to head directly to their classrooms. Students who show signs of illness will have to return home. Parents will be instructed to stay in the car and remain on site until their child has been cleared to enter the building. Note, LUMIN does not provide transportation for students, and as such, does not need to prepare any safety protocols related to transportation.

Face Coverings
In accordance with Wisconsin’s statewide face covering mandate, LUMIN is requiring all staff and students to wear face coverings throughout the school day, which can include face masks or face bandanas. Face coverings may be partially pulled down when an individual is alone in a room or when eating if proper distancing is being practiced,

Students may bring a mask from home. Daily use face bandanas and masks will be available for those who do not have a face covering and must be returned at the end of each school day. There will be a designated drop box outside the school for students to dispose of reusable bandanas. A faculty/staff member will be responsible for properly washing and sanitizing the bandanas for reuse. LUMIN will work closely with families who have children with sensory or health considerations that make wearing a face covering difficult.

Minimizing School-Wide Contact Through Cohorts
In an effort to minimize the number of people our students come into contact with each day, students will spend most of their day in one classroom with only their classmates and teacher(s). Chapel and assemblies will no longer be school-wide events. Instead, these will be in-classroom events or streamed in via video. Students will not eat in a cafeteria; instead they will eat prepackaged breakfast and lunch in their classrooms. Middle school students will not rotate between classrooms. Teachers will rotate rooms, not students. Visitors, including parents, will be allowed in the building by appointment only. New hallway use and school dismissal procedures will be in place to ensure students from different cohorts do not come into contact during the day.

Hallway Procedures
Classroom transitions (only when necessary) will allow for six feet of distancing between students, and masks must be worn during transitions. Tape on the floors will clearly mark spots for students to stand that are six feet apart. Teachers will be trained on hallway procedures that emphasize distancing and communicating with other teachers to ensure only one class is in a given hallway at a time.

School Supplies and Materials
LUMIN will be limiting the shared use of school supplies, especially items that are difficult to clean and sanitize. Some supplies like writing utensils will be given to each student for individual use. Other supplies like staplers and scissors will be used within a cohort and disinfected every day. Cloth cushions, stuffed animals and other hard-to-clean items will be removed from classrooms.

LUMIN serves free breakfast and lunch to all students, but what we serve and how we serve it will change for added cleanliness and safety. In partnership with Milwaukee Center for Independence, LUMIN will only offer prepackaged meals to students. Meals will be eaten in classrooms instead of in common areas. Garbage from meals will be removed immediately by the school’s day-custodian. Drinking fountains throughout the building will be disabled, but students will be permitted to bring a water bottle from home. Students can bring snacks for themselves, but communal food (i.e. birthday treats) will not be allowed.

LUMIN will offer outside recess during the day. Classes will be assigned to different outdoor areas to ensure classroom cohorts are not intermingling. Transition to and from recess will only allow one class in the hallway at a time.

Bathroom Use
There will be only one student in each bathroom at a time. Each classroom will have an assigned bathroom.  Communication by staff between classrooms, hallway monitoring, or permanent class schedules for the bathrooms will be implemented to ensure only one student is using the bathroom at a time.   

Signage will be placed throughout the school promoting safe practices and procedures. In addition, hallway floors will be marked with spots six feet apart to ensure when in transition, students are maintaining distance from one another.

COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms
Staff, parents of students will be reminded multiple times a week through newsletters, handouts, the LUMIN website and social media to be on the lookout for the following symptoms of COVID-19:

Fever (100.4 or above) Fatigue
Chills Muscle or body aches
Cough Congestion or runny nose
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing Sore throat
Loss of taste or smell Headache
Nausea or vomiting Diarrhea

LUMIN staff and students will be instructed to stay home and alert school immediately if experiencing any of the above symptoms. Furthermore, LUMIN will strongly recommend that anyone exhibiting signs of COVID-19 seek medical advice and get tested. LUMIN Schools’ policy is anyone exhibiting signs of COVID-19 not return to school for 14 days and be free of any symptoms for 72 hours.

Onset of Symptoms During the School Day
Students who start to exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day will be removed from the classroom immediately. A parent/guardian or emergency contact will be contacted for immediate pick up. The student will wait in the predetermined health and safety room until they are picked up. Teachers who start to exhibit any signs of COVID-19 during the day will be asked to leave immediately. In both cases, the school’s administrative assistant will fill out the LUMIN COVID-19 tracker. Students and teachers will be strongly encouraged to be tested for COVID-19. They will be given a letter with COVID-19 testing sites as well as indicating the soonest date they will be permitted to return to school.

Health and Safety Room
If there is one student who has an onset of symptoms during the school day, they will be placed in the first aid room in the office until they are able to be picked up. If there is more than one student who has an onset of COVID-19 symptoms during the school day, they will be placed in the health and safety room until they can be picked up. Students in this room will remain at least 6 feet apart, and the person supervising the students will have proper PPE. The first aid room and health and safety room will be properly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

PPE Equipment for Health and Safety Room
The person who is monitoring the health and safety room will be given a PPE kit that will have face coverings, including a KN95 mask, protective clothing covering, and gloves.

Visitor Policy
For the safety and protection of our schools, visitors are strongly discouraged from entering the building. Essential visitors who have made an appointment will be screened upon entering the building, (this would include parents/guardians, interns, vendors, etc). They will have their temperatures checked, will answer the screening questions and are required to wear a mask.

Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis
If a staff member or student tests positive for COVID-19, the office must be notified and the LUMIN COVID-19 tracker updated. The staff member or student may not return to school for 14 days and must be symptom free for 72 hours. The families in the classroom of the staff member or student who tested positive will be notified of the positive diagnosis. Students in that classroom will be asked to remain home for 14 days in order to allow time to watch for symptoms due to possible exposure of COVID-19. Students may return to school after the specified number of days as long as they do not show symptoms of COVID-19. LUMIN is seeking guidance from local health departments regarding the recommended amount of time to close a classroom under these circumstances. If a student or teacher does develop symptoms during this time, they will be instructed to call the school office immediately.

In addition, if someone living in the same household of a staff member or student tests positive for COVID-19, the staff member or student will be asked to quarantine for 14 days. The staff member or student may return after 14 days if they did not develop symptoms and were not in close contact with the infected person.

School Closure
In the event that a LUMIN School is mandated to close by an outside source, students participating in the in-person responsive plan will begin remote learning from home the following day. If there are more than two teachers who are out due to COVID-19 related illness, school will be forced to close. If there are more than three students in different classrooms who test positive for COVID-19, school will be forced to close. These policies may change based on guidance from local health departments.

Internal COVID Tracking
LUMIN has a COVID-19 tracking form to help with tracing within our schools. This document is for tracing purposes and will only be accessible to the LUMIN Health and Safety team, as well as the health department who will be notified of COVID-19 cases. 

Student Pick-up Procedure
At the end of the school day, students will pack their belongings and then clean their learning areas with disinfectant solutions/wipes. Staff members wearing face coverings and carrying walkie talkies will be stationed outside. They will communicate with the classroom teachers to instruct children to come to the designated arrival and dismissal locations when their parents arrive. Students will use hand sanitizer before exiting the building. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate students congregating in groups and interacting with students from other classrooms.

Extracurricular Activities
LUMIN Schools will not offer extracurricular sports activities at the beginning of the school year. We may choose to offer sports later in the school year after consulting with local health officials.

Reopening Plan Fluidity
LUMIN Schools has created the preceding plan with the information and guidelines currently available. We recognize we are living in a fluid environment where the evolution and our understanding of the virus changes regularly. LUMIN is committed to operating its plan with the flexibility needed to implement the latest guidance from leading health organizations.