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2020 School Re-Opening Plan

LUMIN Schools will reopen this fall, offering online school option for those who do not feel ready to be in the school building AND five days a week of in-person instruction. This page will be updated regularly to share plans and important information to help families understand and prepare for what school will look.
Each student needs to be registered for one of the two learning options for the start of the school year. Your child(ren) will be committed to the option of your choosing until the ned of the first trimester in November at which point you will have the opportunity to re-evaulate your choice. Please fill out this form to register your child(ren) for in-person instruction or online school.


The following is an overview of how LUMIN will re-open school for the 2020-21 academic year. This framework will be used by all LUMIN Schools with small variances based on the unique features of each campus. It is important to note, the outlined plan may change if outside circumstances change, and ultimately, it is the health department that determines if and how we can open. 


Pre-Opening Preparations

In addition to getting our buildings ready for students, we have also been preparing to launch LUMIN Online School, an exclusively online learning option for families who prefer to not have their children in the building, yet or are looking for a consistent, predictable option for learning.  Parent survey responses made it clear there is significant interest in having children attend school in the building and an equal number of parents who prefer an online option. As such, we are asking parents to decide a pathway that is best suited for their family. 


If choosing to register for LUMIN Online School, an initial family orientation will be provided at the onset of online learning. There, you will meet Virtual School staff, be able to answer questions and receive materials to make online learning successful. The initial family orientation will be conducted virtually, or in person with distancing, whichever families prefer. 


Enrolling in LUMIN Online School 

Online School will be offered in conjunction with in-person school. We understand some parents may not feel comfortable with their child(ren) being in the school building to start the school year. In collaboration with school leadership, families will be provided the option of participating in online learning. 


The online learning option will provide students with an equitable learning experience, allowing them access to online teacher-led lessons, aligned grade level work, a daily schedule with connection links and materials needed to be successful. If needed, LUMIN will loan a Chromebook to any student who is participating in online learning and provide options for WIFI services. For students in grades 1-8, students will receive instruction from a teacher and be in a virtual class with other students learning online. Families with students in grades K4-K5 will be matched with a teacher who will provide resources and live lesson opportunities weekly. The schedule, learning resources and connections will provide a grade level and developmentally appropriate experience. Students can expect the hours of the online school day to align to a typical in-person school day (8am-3pm), with some flexibility to complete work independently at a time that is most conducive for their home schedule and environment. A LUMIN Online School leader will lead the online learning experience and be available to answer questions, troubleshoot technology, coach teachers and be a resource for families. 


Expectations for learning will be the same as in-person learning, in that students submit completed work to their homeroom teacher and will receive regular and consistent feedback on learning progress. Students will be expected to engage in learning consistently, and attendance will be taken throughout the online learning experience. A note about online learning: This is not the ideal placement for students receiving additional supports during the school day including title instruction, special needs instruction or services like speech, etc. Families should work closely with school leadership to identify a learning pathway that best serves the needs of the student. 


Lastly, we are also committed to providing meals to students who enroll in LUMIN Online School. Free breakfast and lunch can be picked up from school each day for students who will be learning at home. Details and a pick up schedule will be provided. 


Family Support

The impact of the global pandemic can be felt in every aspect of our lives, causing hardship for so many people. While we are here to provide academic opportunities, it is the health and well-being of our scholars and their families that is of greatest importance. If you are facing hardship, please don’t suffer in silence. We are here to provide you with help or connect you to the resources you need. Simply reach out to your child’s teacher or principal. We also have a form on the LUMIN Schools website where you can indicate how we can support you.

The ultimate goal of this option is to return to in-person school as quickly and safely as possible. To operate this model effectively and safely, school will have to look different than what we are all accustomed to, and we will need everyone to embrace our new normal to ensure the health and safety of our entire LUMIN family. The following is a look at how we will welcome students back to the building for a safe, nurturing and rich academic experience. 


Pre-Opening Preparations

If health department mandates prevent us from starting the school year in the building together, families will have a before-school orientation with their teacher to ensure students are set up for a successful virtual experience. This would include meeting the teacher, getting set up with technology, receiving their virtual learning schedule, obtaining learning expectations and having an opportunity to ask questions about what to expect. 


Before any of our LUMIN students walk in the door on the first day of school, preparations are being made to ensure the learning environment is disinfected and set up for social distancing. Classrooms are being arranged to allow for more space between students. In some cases, we will use gymnasiums, cafeteria spaces and even the great outdoors as classrooms to maximize distancing. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be located throughout the building. Signs with safety precautions will be posted throughout the building. Every room will be deep cleaned before the first day of school. We are increasing the amount of cleaning done in the schools. All schools will have a day porter/custodian. Building interiors will be electrostatically sprayed twice per month. LUMIN has already begun purchasing cleaning supplies and face masks. 


Student Drop-Off

The drop-off procedure is going to look different. Each student will be screened for signs of sickness before they enter the building. A table will be located at the building entrance where students will have their temperature taken by a staff member. Students will be asked a few screening questions. Those who give no indication of illness or close contact with a COVID-19 patient will be asked to use hand sanitizer and then permitted to enter the building with instructions to head directly to their classrooms. Students who show signs of illness will have to return home. Parents or visitors to the building will need to make an appointment prior to visiting. 


Minimizing School-Wide Contact

In an effort to minimize the number of people students come into contact with each day, students will spend most of their day in one classroom with only their classmates and teacher(s). All school gatherings like Chapel, Assemblies and school-wide events will take place in smaller groups or be streamed in via video. Students will not eat in a cafeteria. Middle school will have limited movement between classrooms. Instead, pre-packaged breakfasts and lunches will be delivered to the classrooms where students will eat. Teachers will rotate rooms, not students. Visitors, including parents, will be allowed in the building by appointment only. 


Face Coverings

Leading health organizations continue to promote face masks as one of our greatest defenses against the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. LUMIN is requiring all staff and students to wear face coverings throughout the school day, which can include face masks, face bandanas or face shields. Students will be able to remove their masks during meals and during outdoor recess and outdoor physical education time as long as distancing is still being practiced. Students are welcome to wear their own coverings to school, or they can wear a mask provided by LUMIN. Masks will be distributed each day as students arrive and participate in the health screening process. LUMIN has face shields for children with sensory or health considerations. We understand the required use of face masks may not be popular with some students; however, we are aware of many other schools enacting the same policy, and we do feel it is an important way we can protect our students and their families from becoming ill. If you should decide that this policy is not conducive for your student, please consider enrolling in our LUMIN Online School. 


Student Pick-up Procedure

At the end of the school day, students pack their belongings and then clean their learning areas with disinfectant solutions. Staff members wearing face coverings and carrying walkie talkies will be stationed outside. They will communicate with the classroom teachers to instruct children to come to the designated arrival and dismissal locations when their parent arrives. Students will use hand sanitizer before exiting the building. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate students congregating in groups and interacting with students from other classrooms. 


Extracurricular Activities

LUMIN Schools will not offer extracurricular sports activities at the beginning of the school year. We may choose to offer sports at some point during the school year after consulting local health officials.