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Student writes message to her teacherFull of Love
There is one thing we know every student has heard many times at their LUMIN School: "God loves you." We talk about God's love. We celebrate God's love, and we show God's love to others. You can see this love in the way students treat one another and their teachers. We know when our students leave the building, they are beacons of light, and walking examples of God's love.
Overcoming Obstacles
Nearly 100 percent of LUMIN's students qualify for the Parental Choice Program. Many live in distressed neighborhoods and are coping with the effects of poverty. Even so, children are resilient when they have the right tools and resources. At LUMIN Schools, we provide stability, free breakfast and lunch along with free social work, counseling, dental and health services. We have found that children thrive, mentally, physically and emotionally with the wrap-around nature of our services. Time and time again, our students prove that every child can succeed, regardless of their circumstances. 
Striving for SuccessA Pilgrim Lutheran Student is a Royal Ambassador
Our students work really hard. Whether it's learning a new sight word in kindergarten or mastering the complexities of 8th grade math, our students try their best. They do this because naturally, they want to do better. They want to learn. At LUMIN Schools, we employ many different strategies to motivate and inspire our students, but one of the most important lessons we teach for life-long success is goal-setting. We help students set and achieve goals at every level of their education. Mastering this skill now will help them to lead healthy and productive lives as adults.
Seizing Opportunities
Students at LUMIN Schools have unique opportunities to shine in ways they never imagined. A Granville Lutheran student wrote a poem, which she read in front of hundreds of people, including the media and the Vice President of the United States. St. Martini students performed at a dance competition against 1,000 students, and they won! Students across the network have met authors, athletes, politicians, presidents of corporations and working professionals in a variety of different industries. They've been to the state capitol and gone on field trips in nature.
Students are trying new things, facing their fears and discovering a level of courage they didn't know they had. At LUMIN Schools it is our great honor to present new experiences to our students, while at the same time, instilling the confidence for them to seize any opportunity that comes their way. 
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