Why Work for LUMIN Schools

What's it like to work at LUMIN Schools?
Recently, we asked our employees to share their feedback anonymously. Here's what they said:
In addition to our benefits, there are also a ton of other perks you get while working at LUMIN. Here are a few: 

PD perk

Professional Development

At LUMIN, you will receive over 50 hours of network-level professional development (PD), plus in-school PD. LUMIN has also created a Teacher Advancement Plan, allowing you to decide where your career takes you! We've developed a system designed to give teachers pathways to professional growth and fulfillment, whether that path is becoming a Mentor Teacher, an Instructional Coach or a Principal. 



the power of the network

The Power of the Network

LUMIN Schools is a collaborative network of seven school campuses with more than 100 educators. That means as a teacher, you have six other colleagues teaching the same grade and curriculum to go to for help and idea-sharing. In addition, our network team makes sure you are completely supported in the classroom with tools such as one-on-one coaching, curriculum training and student interventions.  


Vacation Time

Your vacation time is precious, that's why at LUMIN, you get to take the same breaks as our scholars (Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break), plus time off around holidays, adding up to 30 extra days for you throughout the school year.